U.S.A. is 5% of the world that uses 95% of all the world’s resources but remains of the one of the most culturally and spiritually impoverished of nations

March 1, 2010

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Who Runs The World?

From a book about the 11th century Arabic literary critic, grammarian, and theologian from Persia, `Abd al-Qāhir al-Jurjānī —

"This in fact also explains the significant absence from al-Jurjānī’s own work of any reference to the representational aspect of all forms of image-making (taṣwīr), and his constant discussion of its constructional aspect.  Simultaneously, this reveals also the reasons underlying al-Jurjānī’s comparison of construction (naẓm) to artistic creation, and the all-important fact that the concept of proportional presentation concomitant with representational art is unfamiliar to him.  The concept of artistic superiority which dominates his work is that of “the wholeness of effect”, “the harmony of construction”, “the balance of structure”, regardless of any proportional presentation.  Both concepts are fundamental features of Islamic art as a whole and they perhaps explain its abstractness and its purity at the same time.”

and he adds in the footnote: "It is perhaps with these features in mind that one may give credence to the suggestion that Arabic art in Spain influenced the abstract art of Picasso"


Lately I have been surrounding myself with people who pray five times a day thinking that they would remind me of God. I have been attending islamic lectures thinking that it would strengthen my faith. And yet nothing reminded me of God as much as my silence. I carried a heavy heart as I walked by a homeless person drifting into sleep, I glanced at the cloudless sky, and as I watched my steps I was reminded of where I came from, and in divine justice I believed.

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First update I’ve received since downloading @joshbegley’s app (Metadata+) that alerts one when a U.S. Drone strike is reported.